Project: Parking Lot Paving Santa Rosa CA

Gateway Paving, a trusted family-owned asphalt company, recently completed a comprehensive parking lot paving project called, “Parking Lot Paving Santa Rosa CA.” The bustling business complex in Santa Rosa, California sought a complete overhaul of their parking area, as they were dealing with potholes, cracks, and worn, ugly asphalt.  Their line striping and pavement markings were so faded that they weren’t even ADA-compliant!

After talking to a local property manager and another business owner, our business complex owner learned that Gateway Paving is the most trusted commercial asphalt contractor in the Santa Rosa area.   With a longstanding track record of successful commercial pavement renovation projects under our belt, we are the best choice.  The job required an immediate remedy for the deteriorated asphalt parking lot, our experts at Gateway Paving had the solution.

After a thorough site assessment, we determined that their pavement was too far gone for resurfacing or other parking lot repairs.  A complete redo of the parking lot was necessary to address various issues plaguing the paved area.  Our well-trained and licensed paving contractors swiftly sprang into action, employing a strategic approach to rectify the extensive damage.  The team tackled the project with precision, expertise, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Upon completion, the property owner expressed satisfaction with the transformed parking lot.  They appreciated the beautiful, smooth paved surface and precise traffic markings.  They really loved the prompt turnaround time achieved by our crew.

Gateway: Trusted Parking Lot Paving Contractors in Santa Rosa, CA

Gateway Paving, renowned for its family-oriented service approach, specializes in delivering top-quality commercial asphalt solutions for retail, manufacturing, shipping, and industrial clients across the North Bay area of California. The company takes pride in offering excellence in pavement repair, maintenance, and new installations to get local businesses back to work.

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