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If you’re seeking premium asphalt services in Healdsburg, CA, Gateway Paving is the top company to contact. Our family-operated business has been professionally providing services in California for many years. We offer concrete installation, pave parking lots, repair driveways, sealcoat, and provide regular maintenance solutions. Tailored affordability is part of this package, only providing the essential asphalt paving services you need to minimize your expenses accordingly. Our local clients are like family to us, so we want to give them the kind of service we would provide family, walking every customer through the steps of the paving process.

Top-Notch Asphalt Services in Healdsburg, CA

Why Choose Us

  • Tailored affordability is a large part of our service, only providing the essential asphalt paving services you need to minimize every expense.
  • Gateway Paving treats our local clients as our family; that family-operated ethos is part of why we walk you through every step of our pavement installation operations.
  • High standards are our benchmark for excellence, utilizing only premium materials and equipment to ensure long-lasting and superior paving results.

Enjoy Healdsburg, CA

A city in Sonoma County, CA, Healdsburg is centered around a 19th-century plaza built on the former township of Mendocino. It had a population of 11,254 as of the 2010 census. Historically, the area had orchards and truck farms that were its lifeblood, becoming known for the seasoning lemon pepper developed commercially. The first European settlers came here around 1836 near the Russian River, then later in 1844 around the Rancho Sotoyome land grant.

If you’re in the market for things to do, the Healdsburg area features many lovely wineries open to the public for most of the year. Many utilize sustainable practices, refraining from overfarming or using harmful chemical products, leaving the wine taste pure and delicious in a way other vineyards struggle to compete with. The Healdsburg Plaza has been around since the 1800s, providing visitors a great place to orient themselves and see what the city and area offer. Live performances are a local treat; checking schedules for when these are available is very important for visitors. If you’re into trying something new, stop by Healdsburg today.

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