Chip Sealing

Want to pave a driveway or private road in California? Of course, asphalt is one way to go, but another method called chip sealing can save you money and create a beautifully paved area. Gateway Paving, the leading road construction contractor in the North Bay Area, California, is proud to offer this cost-effective method.

Chip Seal: Your Low-Cost Pavement Solution

This method maintains, protects, and extends the life of existing streets and roads. In addition, it seals cracks, provides a weatherproof barrier, improves skid resistance, and enhances appearance.

  • The Process

    The chip seal paving process involves applying a layer of liquid asphalt to bare ground or an existing pavement surface. Next, the hot asphalt is covered with a layer of crushed aggregate or rock pieces. Finally, the aggregate is compacted into the asphalt using rollers to create a durable, easily maintained surface. The paved surface can shed some rock pieces, but yearly sweeping keeps the surface smooth.

    At Gateway Paving, our skilled contractors are trained in the latest application methods, including chip sealing. We also offer different styles and colors of stone for your driveway for a look that matches your style.

  • Benefits of Chip Sealing

    • Extends the life of an asphalt surface by protecting it from oxidation and deterioration.
    • Stretches maintenance dollars and provides a strong return on investment.
    • Seals and resists reflection of small surface cracks.
    • Reduces future cracking, distress, and potholes that may develop over time.
    • It improves skid resistance and enhances safety with a high-friction surface.

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Rock and oil have been integral in constructing roads and driveways for over a century. Explore the possibilities of using chip seal as an alternative to asphalt for your ranch or home.

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