Commercial Paving services

Keep potholes or cracks on your commercial asphalt from sending the wrong message to your customers! Contract with a professional paving contractor to help keep your property in good condition.

If you’re a business owner in California looking for reliable commercial asphalt services, look no further than Gateway Paving.

Gateway Paving: Serving California Businesses for Years

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance services to keep your pavement in top condition, including:

  • Parking Lot Paving
  • Crack Sealing
  • Sealcoating
  • Pavement Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Repair
  • Milling
  • Pothole Repair

We use the latest techniques and high-quality materials on every commercial project to ensure your pavement is durable and long-lasting. Our team is well-equipped to handle your parking lot needs, including asphalt installation, repair, maintenance, line striping, and ADA compliance.

Why Your Business Needs Professional Commercial Paving Services

Investing in professional commercial asphalt services can ensure a safe, durable, and visually appealing pavement that reflects positively on your business and supports its long-term success.


Professional asphalt contractors have the expertise and experience to handle complex commercial projects. They understand the specific requirements and challenges associated with commercial properties. In addition, they can advise on materials, design options, and maintenance plans to ensure optimal results.


While hiring professionals may seem like an additional cost, it can save you money in the long run. Calling a local asphalt contractor ensures proper installation, reducing the likelihood of premature deterioration and the need for extensive repairs or replacements.

Quality Results

Professional contractors use high-quality materials, equipment, and techniques to ensure durable and long-lasting results. This helps minimize future repairs and maintenance costs.

Gateway Paving: Parking Lot Experts in California’s North Bay Area

We understand your time is valuable, so we always strive to provide prompt and efficient service. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and always answer your calls and address your concerns.

Don’t let a damaged or poorly maintained parking lot hurt your business. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial asphalt services and to schedule your next project.

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