Transforming Roads through Asphalt Repair Santa Rosa CA

Gateway Paving, Northbay’s top asphalt contractor, successfully completed a project called, “Transforming Roads through asphalt repair Santa Rosa CA.”  At Gateway Paving, we hold a high and reputable standing amongst the asphalt paving industry and continue to prove our professionalism, workmanship, and trust amongst the community.

In Santa Rosa, CA, a client reached out as they needed an asphalt road to be resurfaced. It was crumbled, cracked, and in dire need of major renovations. This is where our expert asphalt contractor team stepped in.  Our dedicated team assessed the needed renovations, provided the customer with a cost effective solution, and completed the job in a timely manner.

The problem was clear – the road was in shambles. The solution? Gateway Paving’s chip-seal pavement process to perform asphalt job that would transform the road back into a resilient, black-top, functioning manner. 

Our dedicated team of paving contractors took on this road resurfacing challenge and employed a chip-seal solution.  We used the highest quality paving materials, providing long lasting durability with visual appeal, all while using eco-friendly paving products.  The asphalt job was completed in a swift manner, all while providing the customer with the most competitive cost for the job.  We provided the customer with a final product of longevity and resilience against future wear and tear.

The end result spoke for itself.  The client expressed their utmost satisfaction, stating, “It looks great!  Thank you!”  The customer was impressed with the the timeline completion of the project and praised our professionalism, expertise, and swiftness in completion of the job.  Our company’s main goal is to provide professionalism and expertise for each job we employ all while providing top-quality work with a lasting favorable impression.

Santa Rosa Paving Project - Chipseal

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